When an unforeseen and -obviously- undesired event like a fire, a flood or a natural phenomenon strikes your house or your company, the consequences may look catastrophic, and damage irreparable. Calling a specialized society can reduce these inconveniences sensibly, and allows you to recover your goods as soon as possible.

Structural safety

Temporary coverings and structures, static consolidations and demolitions.

When structures’ stability is compromised, a quick preventive intervention is necessary to make the damaged buildings safe, to avoid collapses, and to allow technicians and operators to enter the building and start working. per suisse can also quickly build temporary coverings for damaged roofs and terraces, so that the weather doesn’t further ruin the inside of the building.

Stop corrosion

Dehumidification and protective oils to prevent or stop corrosion.

A variation in normal temperature and damp conditions due to fire, flood or natural phenomena heavily affects metal conservation. The aftermaths of a damage are often visible only some time after the event. At per suisse, we work to prevent this potential damage from becoming a real threat. It is crucial to act quickly so to obtain the best result from dehumidification and stop corrosion interventions. Delaying or overlooking these activities means seriously compromising machinery and equipment.


Protection of damp-sensitive goods and dehumidification.

A change in the surrounding thermal and damp conditions can boost degradation processes on all materials, aggravating present damages. This is true both for domestic and industrial environments. Goods and semi finished products stocked in buildings or warehouses struck by a damage must be quickly moved to dry spaces, and have to undergo forced dehumidification processes with specific machinery. On the other hand, furniture and parquet are the parts of a home that get mostly affected by damp, and if not treated within few hours, the damage can be irreparable.