per suisse

persuisse is the Swiss per group division. It is currently based in Mendrisio, and it offers services of rapid intervention, home and company recovery solutions for fire, flood or other atmospheric damage.

persuisse also specializes in home renovation, mold dehumidification and disinfection with cutting-edge specific technologies.

From the powerful know-how that per group has built in thousands of interventions, persuisse was born to offer our expertise and competence also outside Italy, and it guarantees the same quality, promptness and transparency that distinguish the Italian company.

Work quality, always in compliance with national regulations and certifications.

Promptness of intervention to stop the chemical processes activated by the action of fire, smokes, soot and water.

Transparency of operations, with clear intervention plans controlled by the Company and the technician in charge.

Dati societari

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I nostri lavori

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The group

Our Values


Thanks to per group‘s specific know-how, persuisse boasts specific and cutting-edge technical expertise in post damage reconditioning and recovery.


Information transparency is a key factor of our group’s philosophy, and it is based on clear evaluations, free and understandable estimates, information accessibility on the state of works during the whole intervention process.


Offering the highest degree of safety and reliability in the procedures and materials involved in our recovery and reconditioning interventions is our daily mission. The procedures and chemicals used are all in compliance with the national mandatory requirements. The disposal procedures of all materials, especially of hazardous ones, follow the regulations in power.