Building recovery

Cleaning and disinfecting of spaces and systems

Building recovery is the first step in recovering a contaminated environment. Spaces must be brought back to healthiness, while furniture must be completely cleaned from all traces of soot or residual contaminated water, even hidden ones. These activities are not just aesthetic, but first and foremost they are necessary to guarantee the healthiness and habitability of the environments. Home building recovery includes cleaning and disinfection, contaminant removal, painting with special anti-smoke paintings, reconditioning of hydraulic and electric systems, deodorization, cleaning of furniture and paper documents.


Forced drying

After a flood or the use of fire-extinguishing water, per suisse intervenes with specific technologies to remove excessive dampness from surfaces. Ad-hoc chemical absorption dehumidifiers and ventilation systems are employed to quickly return to the ideal thermal and damp levels.

Leak search

Non-destructive search techniques

Even a small leak can lead to severe inconveniences, because it often requires several attempts to find it, resulting in damages like tile breaking or floor and plaster removal. At per suisse we have available different types of non-invasive leak search methods that allow our technicians to spot the problem quickly, without further damaging your house. Tracking gas, IR thermography, acoustic systems, cross-correlation or endoscopic method are used depending on the surface to be treated and on the surrounding conditions.


Building works and reconstructions

By calling per suisse, you will have a single provider for all the activities needed to restore the pre-damage conditions, significantly reducing intervention time and costs, as well as the inconveniences provoked by a construction site. Building or plumbing works, electric and ventilation systems, floor laying and doors and windows setting: per suisse is here for you.

Mold cleaning and disinfecting

Elimination of fungi and bacteria

Dehumidification activities are necessary to eliminate hazardous bacteria and mold proliferation. Nevertheless, if mold has already started to spread on wall structures, more radical and professional interventions will be needed. Traditional dehumidification techniques are accompanied by UV lamps that penetrate deep into surfaces, killing fungi and breaking micro organisms’ DNA chains. The effectiveness of these interventions is proved analyzing mold samplings before and after the treatment.
Moreover, per suisse can provide the customers with the results of the interventions, issued by third-party labs.